MOBILE SRL was established in 1994, with the aim to service the local fashion retail market. Since 2006, MOBILE has become a significant manufacturer and exporter of competitively priced, high quality and reliably delivered garments to a large number of EU countries. Production is based within three factories, each of them highly specialized and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

Presently, the main activities of the company are women’s clothes sewing services for different companies located in EU countries, wholesale trade by importing and commercializing jute yarn, jute twine and sacking for Moldovan carpets (and other products) manufacturers, retail trade of kids clothes, renting services and export of Moldovan fruits. Since the company is continuously expanding its activity and in order to relocate the majority part of the production and its offices, MOBILE bought an administrative and a production building from the territory of a former soviet facility ALFA, located in Chisinau, Alba Iulia St, 75.


Clothing Manufacturing:

Within about 260 employees, the factories of annually produce:

  •  50000 highly sophisticated dresses
  •  60000 delicate blouses
  •  50000 skirts

To meet client demands, Mobile has developed the ability to provide high quality making up and finishing techniques. Mobile SRL has the potential for further growth in capacity other next few years.

To futher services and meet the growing demand of our clients in high quality fashion garments we are currently developing a full package service, by using our extensive network of fabric and accessories suppliers world wide.


The whole network of production is equipped with specialized state-of-the-art equipment and the company  employs a policy of continues investment to maintain its competitive advantage.


Fruit & Sunflower Export:

Mobile SRL is an exporter of Moldovan apples, grapes and sunflower oil that comply to EU quality regulations to Middle Eastern, African and Asian countries.

Moldova has always been recognised for its agriculture products, tasty fruits and vegetables of highest quality and has been over the years the main exporter of agricultural products to Soviet Union and then Russia.


Commercialisation of Jute yarn, twine and sacking:

Mobile SRL is the main importer of jute products in Moldova and is supplying the biggest carpet factories with so much needed fabric for more than 10 years. In addition to carpet factories we are also the main supplier for several other companies in Moldova and Ukraine.


Renting Services:

Mobile SRL owns more than 10000m2 of commercial space in Chisinau, capital of Republic of Moldova which is rented to several local companies.