Jute Products

Since 2004, Mobile SRL is one of the biggest importers of jute products in Moldova and the biggest suppliers of Jute Yarn to local carpet manufacturers.

Our depots are situated in Chisinau.

Jute products on offer:

Jute Yarn/Twine
Count : 8lbs - 36lbs
Ply : Maximum 5ply
Quality : CRM/CRT/CRX/CRP/Axminister
Make-up : 10”X10”X1” & 10”X14”X1” with Conical / Parallel Wooden & Paper Spool Centres
Winding : Precision and Cross Winding
Packing : Pallets and Trusses.
Jute Hessian Cloth
210~215 GSM Hessian Cloth (40"/7 oz/40")
305~310 GSM Hessian Cloth (40"/10 oz/40")
Jute Rope
10mm - 40mm diameter jute rope

Our Clients include: